October News

In third grade, students made Zendoodles, then used a viewfinder to select a section for their abstract painting. Students used acrylic paint and mixed their own colors to apply on their enlarged (using proportional grids) compositions. We ended the unit with peer feedback on the last painting day using a tool called the art sandwich, which is one suggestion for improvement sandwiched between two compliments.

In fourth grade, students carved linoleum blocks and printed them rotationally, which is four prints going clockwise around a center point. Students also imprinted their blocks into clay and turned them into tiles, trays, or bowls. The clay  is being glaze fired right now. Additionally, fourth grade is working on their dot grid drawings, using rulers and colored pencils.

In fifth grade, students watched videos demonstrating watercolor techniques while taking sketch notes, a form of visual notetaking. Working from their sketch notes, students developed a composition for watercolor using either D’arches watercolor paper or Yupo, a synthetic paper. Favorite techniques included salting, wet-on-wet, and masking. Fifth grade students also completed peer feedback using the art sandwich before completing a second, smaller watercolor.

Next up: 3rd–drawing dragons and unicorns; 4th–a “Craftster Lab”, choice-based paper crafting; 5th–using computers, each student is researching a modern animal-themed sculptor before starting their “Sculpture Craftster Lab.” In these labs, students are choosing their process, product, and materials, with a focus on the concept of craftsmanship.

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September Art News 2017

We had a busy month learning about shading and drawing with simple shapes as third graders made “Ninja Eggs”, fourth grade used lines to design “Zentangles”, and fifth grade used MINIMAL REALISM in their animal collages. The focus artist for 5th grade was graphic artist Charley Harper. Learn about this influential artist at https://www.charleyharperartstudio.com/

Above, Ninja Eggs.

Below, Zentangles.

Below, Animal Collages.

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3rd Grade Art: May

Students did crayon rubbings for the background of their jungle art and construction paper pop-ups for their animals.

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3rd Grade Art: March & April

This gallery contains 10 photos.

In March, students wove on their “Wacky Guitars” and designed “Mason Jar Critters”. In April, they worked in pairs to co-draw, then turned the imaginary scenes into their own creation with layered and blended colored pencils (“Doodle Duos”). In late … Continue reading

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4th Grade Art: April & May

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Students completed a graffiti unit, choosing 3 symbols for themselves and designing one tag (marker). Then, they shaded in their brick wall backgrounds from light to dark with colored pencil. We are ending the year with layered acrylic abstract paintings, … Continue reading

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5th Grade Art: April & May

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Fifth grade artists made mobiles using organic shapes. Oil pastel patterns were layered on one side and marker patterns on the other side before stringing them together. Students also completed two drawing units focused on perspective.

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March: Fifth Grade

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Big mouth creatures in clay!

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3rd Grade Weaving

WeavingMovie from L. Girbino on Vimeo.

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January/February: Third Grade

Third graders learned about the art of making puppets from the master–Jim Henson. We watched a video and discussed character traits before completing a puppet planning sheet. Then, we spent three classes making puppets from donated paper towel tubes: painting (week two) and decorating (weeks three and four). All the puppets have been sent home to be enjoyed! Next up–“Wacky Woven Guitars”.

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January/February: Fourth Grade News

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Fourth grade students completed their clay unit by imprinting their carved linoleum blocks from printmaking into clay. They made either tiles or trays and all have been sent home. In February, we worked on Design Thinking for our “Wallet Project” … Continue reading

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