Sept.: 5th Grade Minimal Realism

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Fifth graders looked at the art of famous illustrator Charley Harper, and created animal collages based on his style of Minimal Realism. Also, Wednesday through Friday classes were able to create a complimentary project, Notan (balance of positive and negative … Continue reading

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Sept.: 4th Grade Zentangles

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Fourth graders completed two art projects so far this year, Zentangles and Shading Shapes.

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Sept.: 3rd Grade Ninja Eggs

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Third graders have completed two shading projects, Ninja Eggs and Shading Shapes (instructional video posted on this site).

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3rd & 4th Grade: Shading Shapes Tutorial

Shading Shapes into Forms from L. Girbino on Vimeo.

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What To Do This Summer? Make Art!

Once again, many cool websites to make art without downloads (screenshot below) at
Picture 1

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Dense Doodle Mania: 3rd Grade

Third grade students ended the year with three separate drawings based on the coloring book art of Peter Deligdisch.
Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.50.25 AM

We watched several videos of Peter drawing his detailed coloring book art, including great exercises to overcome artist’s block (even I get that sometimes). You may have heard of “line/circle” or “PorP” (parallel or perpendicular lines) from your student—those were the two video exercises.

Students did their drawings on three different colors of paper in pencil first, then went over it in marker. Besides reinforcing concentration and small motor skills, making interesting lines is the basis of all drawing (that and “simple shapes”, the building blocks of drawing realistically).

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Art Club Props a Hit at Miller Musical

art 001The theme was “patriotic” and Leighton Art Club was tasked with painting historical landmarks for the Miller Musical, under the direction of Ms. Jones. The musical was a giant hit, and shown above are just two of the beautiful pictures our talented fifth grade Art Club painted.

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Genius Hour: Fifth Grade

What is “Genius Hour”? Well, the concept is based on the Google corporate principle of letting their employees investigate their own interests 20% of work time.

In Art, students could choose an art-based “Big Question” to explore, such as “How do I draw a realistic dragon?” or “How can I construct a chair?” Alternatively, students could chose an “anchor artist” based on a Thrively strength they identified using an online questionnaire in Media . Finally, students could visually answer a “Wonderwall” question (created in Media) via an accordion book. Sample “wonder” questions include “I wonder why tree branches are brown?” and “I wonder how Steph Curry got so good at basketball?”

As the culminating, choice-based project of their Leighton Art curriculum, students had ample time to research, brainstorm, sketch, and create. This unit started in mid-April and runs through to the end of the semester with a presentation week.

There are so many different projects going on–Lego stop motions, optical illusion painting, papier mache masks, even “soundsuits” created with odds and ends. Genius Hour has been a very fun way to end the fifth grade art year!

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Global Day of Design: Fourth Grade

Students have been working on a collaborative project based on the Global Day of Design,with the goal of creating/designing/building. Students worked on their projects in both Media and Art, in one of three categories: rollercoasters, mini-golf course, or board games. Students had specific design parameters to follow and co-edited the documents they needed with GoogleDocs on Chromebooks.

After each class completes their projects, they present their pieces to the class for feedback. The wide variety of approaches to designing a rollercoaster for a marble or a golf hole following a theme is amazing! The board games also have a tremendous variety of approaches. This unit is a Problem-Based Learning initiative, empowering students with voice and choice.
FullSizeRender 9

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Annual Art Show

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The first five pictures are from the high school (plus the altered book sculpture). The rest are all LES, grades third, fourth, and fifth!

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