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January/February: Third Grade

Third graders learned about the art of making puppets from the master–Jim Henson. We watched a video and discussed character traits before completing a puppet planning sheet. Then, we spent three classes making puppets from donated paper towel tubes: painting … Continue reading

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January/February: Fourth Grade News

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Fourth grade students completed their clay unit by imprinting their carved linoleum blocks from printmaking into clay. They made either tiles or trays and all have been sent home. In February, we worked on Design Thinking for our “Wallet Project” … Continue reading

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November/December 5th Grade

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Fifth graders could work in groups or individually on a wide variety of sculpture projects including diorama, weaving, animations, puppet shows, totem poles, roller coasters, etc.

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November/December 4th Grade

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Fourth graders carved linoleum blocks and printed them radially.

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November/December 3rd Grade

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Third graders traced their animals to create a pleasing composition before painting with tempera.

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Global Day of Design: Fourth Grade

Students have been working on a collaborative project based on the Global Day of Design,with the goal of creating/designing/building. Students worked on their projects in both Media and Art, in one of three categories: rollercoasters, mini-golf course, or board games. … Continue reading

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February Art News

3rd Grade is wrapping up their Picasso/Guitar/Weaving unit, and do they love to be guitar heroes! You can see the Picasso video on my site, as well as the weaving video. It is always good to practice art skills at … Continue reading

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September & October Art News

The Art Year is going strong, with several projects completed in each grade level already! Third graders completed their “Ninja Eggs” (drawing with simple shapes, shading with colored pencil from light to dark), did a drawing pre-assessment in their sketchbooks, … Continue reading

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March ( & April) Art News

In March, third grade artists completed watercolor pieces called “Inchies”. An “inchie” is art that is one inch square. Our artists did a grid of 70 “inches” using three watercolor techniques: wax (crayon) resist, tape resists, and salt “lifting”. We … Continue reading

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January/February Art News

Third grade art: We completed Zonkey Cartoons in January using acrylic paint. If you want to know what a Zonkey is, check out this video: (video from Art @ Apex HS, Ian Sands, instructor) Fourth grade art: In January, we … Continue reading

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