September/October Art News

Third grade completed their Artist’ Trading Cards (A.T.C.’s) based on our mythology discussion. Each student collaged (careful cutting and gluing)on 5 cards, 2 were duplicates, which at the end of the unit, they traded with classmates. We also focused on writing 3 describing words for each card, which ties in nicely with the Language Arts concept of “character traits.”
Fourth grade completed their Linoleum Block Relief Prints, which were inspired by the woodblock print art of Walter Anderson. Each student chose an animal, and the letter that started the animal name. This way, they got more practice with the block carving and printing, with a focus on safety and careful balance of what is carved away and what prints.

Fifth grade students made radially designed “slot cards” with colored pencil and created rapid prototypes of a “slot shelter.” This project is based on a national design collaboration between artists, architects, and students to rethink what makes a good shelter. The rapid prototypes were a group effort in brainstorming and 3D building.

Rapid Prototypes Slot Shelters from L. Girbino on Vimeo.

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