March/April News

Third grade students completed 3 projects since mid-March: 1) Greek Vases–(see many of them on our gallery on ARTSONIA)—learning about the 3 main Greek vase shapes as part of our “Form Follows Function” essential concept; 2) “musical chairs” thumbnail sketches, where students worked on their observational drawing skills by drawing one silly toy/object from 4 different angles; and 3) creating texture templates to take rubbings from with crayon.

Fourth Grade students learned about paisley history, then created paisley patterns using French curves as their tracers for the basic shape, called a “boteh”. Colored pencil patterns created beautiful and colorful compositions (many of these are also on Artsonia & displayed in the hallway). Also, all 4th grade clay cups/bowls have been set home this week (not to spoil any Mother’s Day surprises :) Currently, we are using shadow tracings as our inspiration for pastels.

Lastly, 5th grade completed their latest sketchbook exercise, “Op Art Shading Blobs”, and also their India ink drawings using reed ink pens and employing cross-hatching/stippling to create at least 4 values.

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