February News & Early March Art News

In February & early March, 3rd grade students made papier mache puppets, 4th grade did a huge cartooning/Language Arts integration, and 5th grade made radial art colored pencil pieces.
Third grade made their puppets using newspaper balls taped to paper towel tubes, then we applied newspaper strips coated with papier mache mix. After two layers were added, we let them dry before painting with acrylic paint and adding ears, hair, etc. with yarn or construction paper. Right now, over 20 puppets are being displayed in the large showcase leading to third grade. Third grade students are now learning about the 3 main shapes of ancient Greek vases and creating their own 2D vases (March art project). Here is a link we enjoyed making “virtual vases” with on the Smartboard: http://www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/kids/greecepot.htm
Fourth grade studied the difference between Anime/Manga style cartooning & superhero (Marvel) style cartooning. Then, we drafted their storyline using the “plot mountain”, adapted their story for cartooning using the “narrative planning sheet”, and finally, drew their cartoon sketches on comic strip layout grids. All of these writing activities reinforced writing technique and vocabulary from fourth (and fifth) grade Language Arts: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion/ending. For March, fourth grade is finishing their paisley patterns and beginning clay.
Fifth grade students put their math skills to use designing radial pictures. First, they traced a circle, and then divided it into 8 equal segments, starting by drawing 2 diameters (vertical & horizontal), measuring the “chord” and dividing it in half to get the piece from 4 equal segments to 8 equal segments. This involved math strategies for dividing fractions, in addition to ruler skills! After tracing an image and drawing it radially 8 times, students used their blending skills with colored pencil to finish their piece. We are also extending our radial design knowledge with computer designs, creating “Digital Mandalas” using Adobe Illustrator. Fifth grade also completed a 2 week investigation into “Op Art”, and created “Op Art Shading Blobs” in their ongoing sketchbooks. We are beginning ink drawings right before break and complete them in mid-April.

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