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Animoto on Printmaking & Watercolor

I just updated my Animoto account, so I thought I’d make a new video featuring some of the beautiful fourth grade linoleum block prints we made this November and the fifth grade watercolors we are just finishing up (using the … Continue reading

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December Art News

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Third grade artists have two projects spanning the wintry months of December and January. The first one, “cartooning the Emberley way”, involved learning about drawing with simple shapes and building up the cartoon forms (which is what cartoonists do in … Continue reading

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November Art News

Third grade artists completed their “tunnel books”, which are 3D books with “windows” cut out in descending size. This uses small motor and spatial reasoning skills and reinforces mathematical learning (terms: proportions, symmetry, horizontal, vertical, half). We also learned about … Continue reading

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