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Helpful Links

Everybody can use a little practice or further information, so feel free to enjoy these websites to develop your creativity (and be sure a responsible adult is monitoring)! sketchbooks supplies animation Lego animation perspective interactive art creating online MOMA … Continue reading

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Fifth Grade Art

By the time students reach fifth grade, they are familiar with a wide variety of authentic media, how to develop thumbnail sketches into finished art, and moving from two-dimensional thinking to three-dimensional designing. Our fifth grade projects help students hone … Continue reading

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Fourth Grade Art

Fourth grade students also experience drawing, painting, sculpting (using clay), and further develop their sense of craftmanship. Also in fourth grade, students are given more choice in the media they can use in a given unit, as well as we … Continue reading

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Art Displays

Showing off our students’ creativity and hard work is such a joy, but with one art teacher and over 650 students, there is just not enough time to guarantee everyone will be displayed somewhere (online, in a show, or at … Continue reading

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Third Grade Art

In Aurora, our art program is vertically integrated, meaning that all our state-aligned curriculum is also designed to seamlessly build on prior art experiences and skill sets in an age-appropriate scaffolding sequence. In third grade, students are exposed to the … Continue reading

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Art Club is for Fifth Graders

Art club meets the last Wednesday of each month (with a few changes for holidays/breaks), from 3:30-4:30. As students are getting ready to leave Leighton, I feel it is important for these fifth grade artists to get as many creative … Continue reading

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